Shuddhi hand Wash


For deeper cleansing of the etheric hands.

Doubly recommended for Healers.

The recipe of SHUDDHI- Healer’s Handwash has been curated specifically for a healer keeping in mind the possible contamination the healer may experience after the healing.

The handwash is a blend of soap base along with essential oils which have natural disinfecting and deep etheric cleansing properties.

Size : 300ml

Quick Overview : This liquid hand cleanser gently cleanses and softens. It is perfect for frequent hand wash as it is sulphate n paraben free. Lathers richly and the blend of the pure essential oils of Sandalwood, Lavender and cinamon leave hands soft & clean with a delicate floral and woody fragrance.

Benefits :
Disintegrating dirty diseased used up energy from the hands
Removing sticky energies from hands
Releasing stress energy
Removing unwanted cords
Toning & revitalizing skin
& much more

How To Use : Pump cleanser once or twice into your hands, rub to create a lather and rinse clean with water.

Skin Type : All

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