Who Are We

Welcome To Asthaya

Founded in 2016, Asthaya was formed by Astha & Shreya, two energy healing enthusiasts & working professionals. With the aim to introduce quality aura cleansing and energy healing products, an extensive research began about properties of natural ingredients which have healing properties. T Today Asthaya offers a wide range of aura cleansing & energy healing products (for self, homes & workplaces) and makes it special for the user by customizing exclusively for them according to their needs. T The ingredients used are of upmost quality and the final product is introduced after great research, energetic experiments & special blessings from the higher beings.

Our Mission

To introduce quality aura cleansing & energy healing product range into every household, to help healing of mind & body of the individuals & to create a positive atmosphere around them through our products


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Team Members

Born And Brought Up In A Small Town She Always Had High Aspirations And Inclination Towards Spirituality Since Childhood. After Establishing Herself As A Reputed C.A, A Corporate Achiever And An Associate Professor, She Found Solace In Pranic Healing (One The Most Advanced Energy Healing School Today). After A Decade Of Practice As A Healer And Then A Pranic Healing Trainer, She Says She Finds Joy In Asthaya And She Does Not Take It Forward As Her Job, She Nurtures It As a Parent.

CA Astha Gupta

Partner & Energy Consultants

Born And Brought Up In A Joint Business Family She Grew Up With A Dream To Run Her Own Business At Some Point In Life. Pranic Healing Came To Her Early In Life And She Proved Herself As An Efficient Healer And The Passion For Energy Healing Was Just Growing Further. With Almost a Decade Of Association With The Energy Healing School, The 2 Year Old Job In a Reputed Bank As An Assistant Manager Started To Seem Dull And Boring. It Was Then Time to Chase the Dream. She Takes Pride In Asthaya And She Is Happy Spreading The Joy Of Healing & Getting Healed Beyond Pranic Healing.

Shreya Agarwal

Partner & Energy Consultants