Lavender Longing


I am Pure, I am Concentrated
Use me in few drops whenever you are frustrated
I take away the pain, I calm the nerves

Size : 350gms

Quick Overview : The Lavender Longing as the name suggests is bound to long you for more and more as it gently destress your aura, calming your nerves and relieving muscle pain. The essential oil enriched salt is bound to exfoliate and glycerine will leave your aura and skin glowing.

Benefits :
Inducing better sleep
Relieving stress anxiety and depression
Relieving muscle/joint pain
Calming the nerves
Toning and revitalizing the skin
& much more

How To Use : The scrub is to be used while bath. Take a handful of the scrub and leave it all over your body. Unlike other scrubs you don’t have to rub this one. Just leave it on your skin to work on your aura for 2-3 mins. Rinse and wash.


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