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My Healing kit : Body Aches

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My Healing kit : Body Aches includes:

  • Coffee Me (customised) 300gms
  • essential oil Orange 10ml
  • Foot Soak 150gms
  • Soaps set of 3- Lavender, lemongrass, Orange 75gms each
  • Massage oil 200ml

Size : varied

My Healing Kit - Body Aches works on the aura and chakras thereby correcting them by proper cleaning and energizing techniques.

The kit includes Coffee Me scrubs which cleanses the chakras and the aura thoroughly and fill it with the prana of essential oils which are blended specially to heal body aches.

The use of essential oil and soaps further enhance the speed of healing.

Note: The kit in no way is a replacement of medicines or energy healings. it just facilitates healing at a faster pace.

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