Coffee Me


The Stress Releaser which does it all!

Size : 250gms

Quick Overview : The Coffee Me as the name suggests is your very own ME thing.
The scrub Bursts Stress and negative energies almost instantly, it exfoliates dead skin cells and helps get rid of blackheads, tan and impurities. It polishes the skin and deep cleanses your pores so that your skin is smooth, glowing and breathes free.

The perfectly sized raw coffee particles are very effective yet gentle on your skin. Unlike other body scrubs, this bodyscrub doesn’t dry out the skin and helps retain the moisture to keep your skin hydrated and nourished.
It targets energetic problems from deep within and is excellent for any kind of physical or auric congestions.

Did we tell you about the enticing coffee aroma will sweep you off your feet?

Benefits :
Relieving joint/muscle pain
Bursting stress
Fighting depression
Calming nerves
Toning & revitalizing skin
Uplifting mood
Boosting energy
Releasing pent up emotions
& much more

How To Use : Unlike other bath salts which are just for soaking you can directly apply it on body. Take a handful of the bath salt, apply and leave it all over your body. Just leave it on your skin to work on your aura for 2-3 mins. Rinse and wash.


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