I was a part of every marriage ritual ever wondered why ?

I regulate se* energies.. Oh Come on ! Dont be so shy !

Depression, Stress & Anxiety ... They all fear my Name

For Treating Insomnia, BP & skin issues, I am all Game !!

Size : 350gms

Quick Overview : Jazz Mine indeed creates a jazz like feeling within by stirring the emotions and feelings in all the right ways. It works on the se* energies creating the right desire, fighting pent up emotions, fatigue and depression. The essential oil enriched salt is bound to exfoliate and the glycerine leaves your aura and skin glowing.

Benefits :
Improving immunity
Boosting energy
Reduces Stress & anxiety
Fights chronic fatigue
Remedy for PMS & cramps
fights Insomnia
Releasing pent up emotions
& much more

How To Use : The scrub is to be used while bath. Take a handful of the scrub and leave it all over your body. Unlike other scrubs you don’t have to rub this one. Just leave it on your skin to work on your aura for 2-3 mins. Rinse and wash.


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