• 2019-03-14

Coffee Me! : what bloggers say!


Prana‘ is the Sanskrit word for life force. It is called ‘chi’ in China and ‘ki’ in Japan. If you have watched the movie Kung Fu Panda 3, Chi is what Po masters to save everyone.

Asthaya we heal is an initiative to introduce aura cleansing techniques in every house hold which not only fastens healing of the body but also soothes the mind.

Product name: Asthaya We Heal Coffee Me (Butter) Scrub

Price: Rs 500

Quantity: 300gms

Claims: It speeds up the process of healing. Its a scrub customized according to your needs whatever they may be like indigestion, arthritis, migraine, sprain, sore muscles, stress, depression , nausea or anything else.

Features: Anti Depressant, Antiseptic, Aura cleansing, Basic Skin Health, Fatigue, Mood Swings, Stress Relief & Rejuvenation, Well Being. It works for all skin types.

Availability: Its available on their website at www.asthayaweheal.com or you can order it from their Instagram Asthayaweheal.

Packaging: It comes in a big plastic tub with a silver lid.

Smell: It smells like coffee!! Every time I use it, I cant help but sniff it. My whole bathroom smells like freshly brewed coffee.


Shelf life: The shelf life of this product is 2 years.

My experience: The scrub is to be used after bath. Take a handful of the scrub and leave it all over your body. unlike other scrubs you don’t have to rub this one. Just leave it on your skin to work on your aura for 2-3 mins. On the bottle it says, even if it hurts or burns a little, its safe to use, however I haven’t experienced that yet. I love how this scrub works on me. I feel rejuvenated whenever i use it. Coffee scrubs work well on cellulite as well, so that’s an added bonus. This is a one of its kind product and something I m really happy I came across. Most scrubs work on your skin, this one works on your skin as well as your aura.


  1. Smells amazing
  2. Works really well on skin
  3. Cleanses your aura
  4. Makes skin soft and smooth
  5. Is customised according to your needs
  6. Works on a number of ailments
  7. Did I already say how amazing it smells?
  8. Amazing quantity for the price. It’s really cheap than most other scrubs available in the market which are mass produced. This one is made especially for you.

Cons: I can’t find even a single one.

Verdict: This is a product that I have come to love since day 1. This scrub does what a normal scrub does and then so much more. I love how it’s works, how it makes me feel everytime I use it. If I’m feeling a little down I know this scrub will uplift my mood just by its fragrance. It’s my daily dose of coffee.

Will I repurchase? Absolutely yes

Do I recommend? Yes!!

Source: https://shoppingalot2.wordpress.com/?p=62